College Visits

When choosing a college, you’ll want to know what the campus is like and if you’ll like a big or a small campus. It’s important to make college visits to see what the campus is like and learn more about the school, professors, and maybe even the president of the college. You’d want to let them know 2-3 weeks in advanced that you want to visit that college. To let the college know that you will be coming, you can e-mail them or call the administration office. The most common time to do a college visit is in the summer. When doing it in the summer you may actually be in a group of people touring it. But when you do a college visit in the summer it could be limited because not all activates are going to be available and may not get to experience everything about “college life”. If you’re very serious about a college, it may be a good idea to tour it when school is in session so you can get a more realistic sense of what it’d feel like to live there the next four years of your life. There’s nothing wrong with having multiple visits to a college you’re interested in; you could possibly visit in the summer and come back in the fall if you like it. Most people are able to determine pretty quickly once they step on campus whether they can see themselves there are not, so college visits are a crucial step in picking a college.